Invoices paid in advance.

If you’re a creative professional, agency or an influencer, we will pay you within 24 hours and collect from your clients later only for 2.99% service fee.

Never worry about loss or delayed payments from now! 100% cash.

How it works

For Creators

Generate quote

Send a professional quote via Fangel

Generate invoice

Generate Invoice via Fangel once quote is approved

Invoice acknowledged

Brand acknowledges the Invoice

Money paid by Fangel

Money paid in 24 hours by Fangel to Creator

How it works

For Brands

Accept Quote

Accept the quote by Creator over email

Accept invoice

Accept the invoice & acknowledge

Fangel pays instantly

Fangel pays the creator instantly

Pay Fangel later

Pay Fangel as per agreed terms later

How it works

For Agencies

Submit invoices of Creators

Aggregate all invoices in one dashboard

Submit to Fangel

Generate Invoices in one dashboard

Fangel pays instantly

Fangel pays the creators instantly

Pay Fangel later

Pay Fangel later when money received from brands

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Fangel is a platform for creative professionals who work with brands to drive media consumption.


W 15 A/ 19, Sainik farms,
New Delhi – 110062

+91 8810323197

Partners on board

Fangel can be used by India based Creative professional freelancers,  Social media content creators and marketing agencies that get paid by Brands to drive media consumption on social media handles, websites, applications etc.

Just click on Get an Invite as we are currently working with select Freelancers/Agencies & you should hear from us soon 

Not necessarily, you could even be an independent creator without a company formed 

Fangel is currently only available in India. To use Fangel you need to be an Indian resident with a valid address and KYC proof

Fangel takes data privacy very seriously and we take critical steps to safeguard your information

We only charge a small fee of 2.99 % for each invoice, there are no other costs

No, it's your money 

No, you only pay a one time fee of 2.99 %

You still get your money, we will manage the rest 

Early birds

Sign up for our Invite only program to be among the first users to use Fangel